Dominick Salvatore

salvatoreDominick Salvatore is the Distinguished Professor of Economics and the Director of the Ph.D. Program in Economics at Fordham University in New York City. He is the Honorary Professor at the Shanghai Finance University and Hunan University and was a Visiting Professor at various universities including University of Rome (2003-2010), American University in Cairo (2007), University of Pretoria (2009), Peking University (2009-2011), University of Trieste (1996-2002), and University of Vienna (1995-2003). Dr. Salvatore is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and past Chairman of its Economics Section. He is also the past president of the North American Economic and Finance Association (NAEFA) and the International Trade and Finance Association (ITFA). He is a Consultant to the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Economic Policy Institute, and several major international corporations and global banks. He is the co-editor of the Journal of Policy Modeling and the Open Economies Review, the Associate Editor of The American Economist and Frontiers in Finance and Economics, and the past Editor of the Handbook Series in Economics, Greenwood Press. He has given more than 500 lectures around the world, was awarded the Achievement Award by the City of University of New York in 1997, and was nominated for the 2010 National Medal of Science awarded by the President of the United States.





Title: “The U.S. Economy: Where To From Here?”

Chair: Dominick Salvatore, Fordham University


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Martin Feldstein (Harvard University) - "Dealing with Long Term Deficits"

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Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia Univ. & Nobel in Economics) - "How to Restore

        Equitable and Sustainable Economic Growth in the United States"

John Taylor (Stanford University) - "Can We Restart the Recovery All Over Again?"  Dominick Salvatore - "Conclusions: The U.S. Economy: Where To From Here?"


Title: “Are Emerging Markets Facing Growth Stagnation?”

Chair: Dominick Salvatore, Fordham University


Kaushik Basu (Chief Economist World Bank) - "Globalization of Labor Markets and

       Growth in India & Other Emerging Economies"

Dale Jorgenson  (Harvard University) - "Accelerating Growth in Developing Countries"

Justin Yifu Lin (Former Chief Economist World Bank) - "Will China Continue to Be

        the Engine of Growth in the World?"

Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia Univ. & Nobel in Economics) - "An Agenda for Sustainable

        and Inclusive Growth for Emerging Markets"

Dominick Salvatore - "Are Emerging Markets Facing Growth Stagnation?"