H.E. Felipe Larraín Bascuñán

larran-bigH.E. Felipe Larraín Bascuñán is the Minister of Finance of Chile. Prior to being appointed Minister by President Sebastian Piñera, he was a visiting professor at Harvard University’s Robert Kennedy’s Chair for Latin American Studies and a professor at Catholic University of Chile’s Institute of Economics. Throughout his career, he has published over 10 books and 120 articles on Chile, Latin America, the US, Europe and Asia. His book Macroeconomía en la Economía Global, co-authored with Jeffrey Sachs, was translated to several languages and is now one of the most popular macroeconomics books published in Spanish. Minister Larraín has been an advisor to the governments of Canada, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Peru, among others, and is also a member of the International Advisors Board of the Asian Development Bank. Minister Larraín obtained his business administration degree from Catholic of Chile and his PhD in economics from Harvard University.


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