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The International Academy for Social and Economic Development is a non profit, independent association/Think Tank/Research Academy, based in Rome.


The mission of the International Academy is to facilitate the establishment of a global transformative leadership built around the person’s dignity, thanks to an extensive network comprising universities, research centres, institutions, companies and international organizations. They are intended to stimulate a “hub of ideas” that should constitute the fundamental mean to inspire and disseminate knowledge and innovative theories, to facilitate the movement of data and information worldwide and to support the emergence of a new paradigm of long-term development based on intercultural, intergenerational and interdisciplinary dialogue, and on the interaction among state, market and society.


The Academy aims at promoting the cultural and ethical challenge of a new humanism, in order to create a new model of economic and social progress, which focuses on research and innovation as the key factors for the creation of high-quality human capital to be employed in a meritocratic market with increasing public-private partnerships. We aim at strengthening the intergenerational transmission of values and experiences, which is fundamental to create young and virtuous leaders for social change, acting as producers of positive externalities for the local community and for all, and to exploit the creative potential of new generations as a driver for stronger competitiveness of firms.


AISES Academy is committed to the advancement of knowledge and capabilities that are ethically relevant through leadership, innovation and excellence, and aims thereby at contributing to the transformative economic and social change in Europe and the wider world and at promoting a new Capitalism based on inclusive job creation, especially for unemployed, and on a renewed bond of trust between companies, institutions and the market. Higher Education plays a key role in this scenario as it is one of the most powerful instruments to make the world a better place and a disruptive educational model inspired by technological progress is shifting the focus on specific advanced skills essential for increasingly interdisciplinary and sophisticated jobs, in order to foster the creation of a new leadership for the XXI century.


In this context, AISES seeks to create value through a method in which personal and professional experiences and competences are continuously shared among its members, in order to combine science and humanism, the "know-how" and the "know-why" in an integral path towards the generation of knowledge, in which scientific research, technology, culture, ethics, economics, politics are seen as a unified whole. This approach permits to study, select and test innovative solutions and to launch "innovation clusters" for the temporary duration of each individual project, with particular attention to initiatives for start-up companies in high technology areas. It is also a driver for the transformation of technical-vocational students, researchers and graduates into qualified workers, as they can constantly be involved in the activities of the business community.


The International Academy disseminates and communicates the results of its activities by means of courses, conferences, symposia, seminars, online learning, international exchanges, publications and field studies.