Friday, 08 April 2011 13:33


New World.  


Globalization has created new opportunities, while the world is experiencing a low average growth rate, poverty issues, increasing migration flows from war zones, and global warming effects. These problems require a new plan of action for the future, which should consists of a profound cultural and spiritual renewal, promoting mutual respect and trust, and of the increase of investments in scientific research and technological networks. A society founded on knowledge and a mixture of different cultures can sustain innovation from a social, economic and institutional perspective.


New Humanism.


The overlapping layers of development require a new humanistic synthesis with the human being, his dignity and his responsibility at the centre of the stage. An integral vision of man and society has to become the driving force for Sustainable Development, which aims at reinforcing personal identity and social cohesion at the same time. Only an economic structure, which aims at creating jobs and making public-private partnerships stronger will be able to be at the service of mankind, therefore creating long-term growth, efficiency and solidarity among generations.


New Capitalism.


Huge amounts of data is created by people, including in the area of "big data". It is the multiple productive force of human capital together with skilled education, financial capital and natural resources that creates steady growth, new jobs and an inclusive society, with better public services and better skills for citizens. This requires investment in infrastructures, research and innovation to boost industrial competiveness.



New Governance.


Increasing international cooperation among developed and developing countries can represent the key to guarantee freedom, peace, security and wellbeing of the involved populations. In order to foster a sustainable and inclusive growth at a European level, structural reforms, and a multilevel governance with common fiscal and monetary policies are required.

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