Chairman's letter

Dear friends,

The serious moral and economic crisis pointed out the need for a firm and bold investment in theoretical and practical know-how as a way to respond to various challenges and to prepare the young generation to build a better future.

Is the crisis we are going through a purely technical phenomenon or are we facing a deeper crisis, related to the loss of values and principles ?

Besides the deep ongoing changes, the need to make reference to the fundamental values to be handed over to young generations is becoming increasingly urgent as well as to consider which are these values. Therefore, the political, economic and academic institutions are faced to urgent ethical issues.

I think that the cultural and educational challenge should be restored as the leading way for moral growth as well as for social and economic development. It should provide here and now a way of thinking to give guidance in the search for sensibility and to offer a resolute response to new expectations made by contemporary society.

Globalization calls for globally binding values to create a sound base for trans-national legal system. The question of cross-cultural global values and ethical standard is crucial for the success of global market economy and can be answered despite all differences.

Laws without morality cannot endure, and no legal provision can be implemented without moral consciousness based on some elementary ethical standards. This is not just an issue of individual morality. It is also an issue of corporate morality and concerns the international economic law and the integral development of people and nations as a whole.

Only the setting up of a common space for economic and social growth, open to dialogue and integration of values and plural identities can provide the reference points necessary to educate the young generations and the leading class.

Therefore, the need is felt to create link of opinions and debate between the various actors, to teach the various sciences to cooperate, and get a mutual learning.

To be innovative in teaching and research and to be influential in public policy education and training, universities should promote a debate and develop cooperation agreements among all those who operate within institutions, research centers, corporations and financial organization, at an international level of excellence.

This innovative approach clearly shows one of the fundamental tasks of the global educational challenge: "reveal man to man", integrate the dimension of the "being" with "doing", connect the level of relationship with the activity of the individual and of civil society.


Valerio De Luca