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Saturday, 15 June 2013 21:11

Aises Young Short Essay n.1 - Geopolitics of naming: European identity from the ancient Greece to the post-Cold War Featured

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AISES YOUNG - Short Essay n.1 

The purpose of this essay is firstly to analyze the historical evolution of naming Europe from a geopolitical point of view, considering Korhonen’s theory of naming enmeshed in structures and relations of power. Secondly, the objective is to propose a new thought about the role of Central Europe in the post-Cold War period, trying to overcome the simplistic binary notion that leads the entire text, that is, the opposing vision of East and West as two parallel worlds destined to never meet each other. It is possible to consider this work also as a possible response to the question: “In which ways globalization has changed the East-West dichotomy?”

by Alessio Romito(member of Aises Young)