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Erij Riabi a prominent young leader who incorporates all values and meanings of leadership.She has shown how innovative ideas can be meant to be achieved into great initiatives.
Though ,she is still very young and fresh.However, she was able to voice her opinions and promoted herself as a model of a self-made promising woman leader.

When we interviewed Arij about what leadership stands for her ?
She said :"Leadership is not a title ,it is a passion ,an indeavour ,a challenge for the right cause.I really enjoy working in my team ,planning for a better future ,advocating for youth empowerment especially in rural areas".

She impressed national and international organizations for her sense of responsibilty ,respect ,and cooperative spirit.
She could realise a lot of achievemnts that many could not .When we asked her about how she managed to do that along with her excellent college results in  Pioneer Bourguiba  High school ?
She answered in a confident and a sparkling tone :"
My dream is to be a great leader ,and I can see a lot of things ahead awaiting for me to change them ,I am quite strict when it comes to my studies .However , I arranged a timetable to be organized and successful in making a compromise between being an activist and a student."

AS an Access  Microscolariship student sponsored by the American embassy  ,Arij managed to learn and acquire the useful skills of speaking English fluently, which enabled her to be nominated as  a youth ambassador for so many honorable organizations like :Aises  in Rome,Italy.
She had the previlige to receive many academic and social instructive trainings concerning leadership and entrepreneurship from well-known institutions like Brtish council,USAID,Munadhara.
She served in many famous organizations and clubs ,arranging by this token , TEDX  in a high school  in Tunisia.She even took part in the organization committee of North African Model United Nations.

Arij Riabi was selected by our organization for her amazing role in coordinationg many projects for the sake of youth empowerment and human rights which quite meet our goals.