The matter surrounding the migration controls in Europe has historically been highly susceptible to contending attempts at framing. Nowadays, the open borders created by the European Union makes it even more controversial. The immigration policy undertaken from the Conservative party, for instance, has now become one of the hottest question at issue. What David Cameron is determined to achieve is to quadruple the period EU migrants need to have spent in the UK before they get entitled to enjoy out-ofwork benefits from three months to a year. The 'danger' Britain might face is to host a mass migration wave coming from Bulgaria and Romania, as it happened nearly 10 years ago with Polish citizens.

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Monday, 23 December 2013 22:25

New relations between EU and NATO:

NATO was founded in 1949, and now, 64 years later, the European political world has become a battlefield for pro-NATO and anti-NATO, without place for an healthy debate on the structure and how Europe, as a whole, should participate in it.
NATO is a military alliance based in a collective defense system whereby an attack on one member state is an attack to all member states and its composed by the USA, Canada, Norway, most EU member states (22 in 28), two EU candidate countries (Iceland and Turkey) and one EU applicant country (Albania).

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Parte la nuova Rubrica di Aises Young, nella quale verranno analizzate, una alla volta, le principali misure degli Stati membri contro la disoccupazione giovanile. Perché il tempo dei proclami e delle chiacchiere è finito. L’Unione Europea e i singoli governi nazionali devono intervenire, c’è un’intera generazione a rischio. A cura di Cerroni Roberto

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Tuesday, 09 July 2013 13:47

Aggiornamento Europa - Luglio 2013


Aggiornamento Europa di Luglio: un documento che raccoglie le principali informazioni sui diversi aspetti dell'azione delle istituzioni europee in questo mese. Aggiornamento Europa è curato dalla nostra associata Ester Stefanelli(direttamente da Bruxelles).

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Saturday, 22 June 2013 15:28

Aggiornamento Europa - Giugno 2013


Ecco il primo Aggiornamento Europa. Un documento che raccoglie le principali informazioni sui diversi aspetti dell'azione delle istituzioni europee in questo mese.

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europe history

AISES YOUNG - Short Essay n.1 

The purpose of this essay is firstly to analyze the historical evolution of naming Europe from a geopolitical point of view, considering Korhonen’s theory of naming enmeshed in structures and relations of power. Secondly, the objective is to propose a new thought about the role of Central Europe in the post-Cold War period, trying to overcome the simplistic binary notion that leads the entire text, that is, the opposing vision of East and West as two parallel worlds destined to never meet each other. It is possible to consider this work also as a possible response to the question: “In which ways globalization has changed the East-West dichotomy?”

by Alessio Romito(member of Aises Young) 
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Dear Presidents,

José Manuel Barroso,
Herman van Rompuy,
Martin Schulz,


We are deeply concerned about the future of Europe. The ongoing political, social and economic crisis is once again threatening to divide the continent. The failure to effectively handle the crisis has created a great mistrust towards the institutions of the union among its own citizens. Populism and nationalism are on the rise in all members-states and there are in the wake of the crisis strong political voices who openly advocate for the breakup of our union. 

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Saturday, 08 June 2013 07:47

Italy’s chance

a Comment on “the Italian government finance and European rules” by Mr. Dino Pesole

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Nowadays Italy, as a EU member, is subject to European rules with regard also to the economic policy.

Once Mr. Ciampi, President of the Italian Republic and now honorary president of Aises, has used the term “Zoppia” to indicate the absence of a good and representative institutional framework for the EU, because of a EMU which has been actually limited to a monetary union, without a single economic policy.

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Il 10 aprile 2013 si è tenuta presso l'Istituto Luigi Sturzo, la prima Inspirational Lecture di AISES YOUNG. Dino Pesole, giornalista de Il Sole 24 Ore e esperto di economia pubblica ha esposto il tema "La finanza pubblica italiana e le regole europee".

Clicca qui per il download dell'articolo Governance EU di Pesole


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