President Barack Obama 2016 AISES Young International Prize "Standing on the shoulder of giants" candidate




It is an honor and a great source of inspiration being able to communicate that the President of the United States Barack Obama has been awarded the 2016 AISES Young International Prize “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants”


The Prize is awarded each year to a distinguished man or woman who is an inspirational role model for his/her intellectual contribution, moral standing and extraordinary civil service in the prospect of long-term European advancement.


On the occasion of the AISES High-Level Roundtable “The Challenges of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: from Agreement to Global Action”, which was held on May 10th at the Center for American Studies, the 2016 International Prize recipient was announced by the AISES President Valerio De Luca and AISES Young President Erminio Sergio.


The following motivations take into account not only what President Obama has done for his country, but also what he has done for the entire world with his leadership:


For the call made at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for a continued commitment in favor of all population, in order to eradicate extreme poverty;


For its commitment aimed at improving international diplomacy and collaboration between States, as said in the first session of COP21;


For having fought endlessly in order to implement effective actions to fight the climate change during his presidential term and for having remembered during the COP21 that “we are at a turning point and it is time to do something together to save our planet”;


For having supported actively healthcare as a human right and having improved the access to it in the USA, providing a model of leadership about a crucial issue.

This is an example of leadership that we want to follow. 

This is a leader that we want to reward.

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