Roberto Pasca di Magliano

Roberto Pasca di Magliano

Roberto PASCA DI MAGLIANO is full professor of Economics, Sapienza University of Roma (Italy). He also  teaches Growth Economics.

Member of the Department of Social and Economic Studies (DiSSE) and of the Interdepartmental Research Center  for Europe, Asia, Mediterranean and Sub Saharian Countries (CEEMAS)

Chairman of the didactic area “Cooperation and Development”

Chairman of the Sapienza Rome Foudation-International Cooperation.

Economic specializations:  Università of Naples, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of California Berkeley.

Main professional affiliations: Economic advisor of the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade (2006-2011), Director general of the Ministry of Productive Activities (2002-2005), Economic advisor of the Ministry of Agriculture (1993), President of Agricultural Research Centre (1986-2005), Economic advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1982-1985).

Several scientific publications in the fields of economic analysis, development economics, agricultural policy, International finance and  governance.