"we have now reached a point where European integration, in order to survive, needs a bold leap of political imagination"

draghiA route for Europe

A teacher, says Eco, “ teaches that everyone must become individual and different”. [1] Professor Federico Caffè, albeit with a coherent vision and deeply held convictions, was a teacher. He taught his students to think for themselves and did not pass on a binding creed. He helped his students – economists, thinkers, servants of the state and of the institutions, alert citizens – to discover themselves.

I’ll start with the subject which, without a doubt, was the most precious to Caffè, namely welfare. Probably nothing in his intellectual heritage is more topical than this painful protest of his: one cannot, he would say, “ accept the idea that an entire generation of young people should consider themselves as having being born at the wrong time and having to suffer job insecurity as an inevitable fact”.


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